Litter Nico x Lena

Puppies alaskan malamute born 17.03.2017


szczenięta alaskan malamute szczenięta alaskan malamute szczenięta alaskan malamute

Nico - KING OF CHAMPIONS Polarni Usvit

Father: “NICO” KING OF CHAMPIONS Polarni Usvit,

DOB: 04.11.2014
Test results:  E-0/0, HD-A, Eyes OK (2017), polyneuropathy N/N
Parents: Mytuk’s Technical Knock x HONEY LADY Polarni Usvit

Polish Champion, Serbia
Junior Champion of Lithuania, Polish, BiH, AMKCR
Junior Club Winner
Polish Junior Winner

NICO is a thick boned dog with a great silhouette. We were enamored by his temperament. He is a very steady Malamute. Though he is young, he has proven himself as a sire.


SnoMals Light of hope

Mother: “LENA”SnoMals LIGHT OF HOPE,

DOB: 09.02.2014

Test results: E-0/0, HD-A, Eyes OK (2017)
Parents: Arctic Sunshine Blueberry Freeze x HOPE Sądecki Gazda
Junior Champion of Poland, Champion of Poland

LENA is the scion of our first female Malamute, Hope. According to numerous judges, Lena is a well-proportioned female with a nice head and balanced movement pattern. She has a great character and is obedient, which is unusual for a malamute. Those will be her first puppies and we count that she would be a good mother like Hope.


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